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A Remarkable Company profile ,active in
exhibition and urban furniture since more than
twenty years. A practical and serious partner
of big brands in design and Massive Retail
enviroment all around the world.

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Through the use of precision CNC router properties, the Bravo Servizi Aziendali performs any type of processing, cutting and engraving to achieve a wide range of exhibition items and packaging, furnishing and projects on customer's Commission developed in hock to satisfy the most varied communication needs of companies. A wide range of products available on a variety of surfaces: wood and wood by-products, MDF, plastic materials, polycarbonates and polyurethanes and alveolar, foam, cardboard, working on thicknesses up to 50 mm and on large sizes.









Freshness in design and continuous research for innovation in manufacturing techniques

Consulting, design, and development. Every exhibition is a journey into ideas. After the analysis of the communicative event, we develop an idea and test the feasibility of it. The impact of visual communication, is the first guarantee for get a successfull target . But the secret to proceed always on the right track is to establish a fruitful dialogue with customers. Our stands are customized and designed to promote the visibility of the brand exposed. We design outfits in rendering: three-dimensional graphics, in fact, allows us to take care of every detail; technical and creative . Between assumptions and actual implementation there is a long experience in the enviroment. Bravo has forged fittings, with their customers, a relationship of trust based on the principle of exchange: an osmosis of opinions, tastes, views which aims to develop the right project based on the specific situation. A good brief is the first step, but only the creative contribution can turn any occasion into a unique event. Not only technical communicators, but also theorists of concepts. Communication is not a straight line: the curves are so many, they are part of the game. And maybe a little detour route can lead to unexpected successes. That's why we never stop considering all the alternatives,always . Our team of on-screen graphics create an hypothesis, that is going to be feed by shape and substance. The design rendering is an advantage because gives a first "taste" of what will be the effect of visual and emotional impact. It starts from the virtual simulation to improve, but also to correct the roll in the implementation phase. A thoughtful preparation is an fruitful exhibit


Furnishing of new generation, advertising gadgets, communication facilities and much more.