Our Company

Bravo's enviroment is all about services plans and meetings areas, trade shows, events, exhibitions, exhibition stands, showrooms, boxes and covers for events and exibitions.

  Everything starts with an idea. A group of targets, concepts and values ​​to plan.
Our role is to give a shape to the project. We make it solid and tangible.
Each event is a container of ideas, a space where Brands can showup and develop their corporate image. We work to "build" and give a shape to all marketing's strategies and create a perception that can stimulate the customers. The brand image must be like a symbol to host in an area of significant action.One Brand/One Place.

  Any specific event is an opportunity to communicate, to be known, to sell their products.
Bravo since many years is a prominent reality in the enviroment of design of events and provides experience and reliability to create exhibition spaces that fully reflect all buisness targets.

  Autonomy, along with multi-tasking approach, has always distinguished us. We use to develop any project from the beginning and keep following 'till the end. We love to find always differents ways to help companies to attract an impress customers and to build up a long-term credibility in the commercial scenario.

  BRAVO, thanks to a team of professionals and a higth level of quality control, builds exhibition of strong communicative impact.. Credibility, Prestigious, Innovation. These are our guide line for all the kind of process we take care every day in order to get back strong and tangible results.

  Behind us, in almost twenty years we have thousands of installations. In front of us... always new challenges.
With experience and creativity we love to transform ideas into real spaces for comunication an exposition.

We provide everything you need to set up indoors or even outdoors events, Thanks to many years of experience in Planning and a distinguish high-level of production quality.

  Bravo offers to the customers a complete service like a "closed loop" , that starts from the planning and design scketch and through basic production's steps such as machining, assembly, graphics and finally testing the final result witch allows an effective control of the quality and timing.

  There are many companies active in events plan strategy. But how many are able to independently manage each stage of the process that leads to an abstract idea 'till become a living space? Bravo is able to follow all the steps of the graphic design and editing, but also knows how to present it self with an interesting logistical support.

  Since we started our journey, we grown an expand our skills to become an influential name in the industry enviroment.
Today we attempt to offer more than client's expetation; providing effective advice and strategic aspects on communication planning.

Bravo's philosophy is a summatory of yesterday and tomorrow. On one hand, the wealth of long experience; on the other, the desire to improve and innovate to escape from the competition winning trade. In an economic environment in which the competitive scenario is more fierce than ever, it's very imortant developing solutions that stand out for an excellent quality / price ratio.

To be there, to show, to attract glances and acclaim. The stand individually for a company, is the cornerstone of any event. In the field of commerce, like in the services, it is essential to communicate with a coherent, convincing through participation in trade fairs and events. If the stand is effective and evocative, the identity of a brand can only come out stronger.

The Urban furniture is a specific type of design and research that provides to equip urban public spaces with functional artifacts, always coordinated with the texture and the image of the city. Bravo deals with topics and the design of urban spaces, of any artifact having a public use or complement the urban and architectural design. With its achievements in Italy and abroad, the company has always been able to highlight their outstanding design and construction capabilities and hitting the target. From the design stage up to assistant role during the multiple operation the company offers and provides a concrete support always offering the best solutions considering also the environment and the final user.

During the yeas ,working with dynamism and flexibility the firm is also distinguished in the field of furnishings for commercial use as stores or even large format for exhibitions with a series of Achievements that can go from furniture object like tables, chairs and reception facilities for customers up to re-usable solutions use for exhibition staender and dressing rooms, exhibitors and stunningly scenic or choreographic layers ,always respecting contemporary design elements and research for using material of great value. The remarkable ability to propose and study the feasibility of each project mixed with a deep-rooted and strong experience in the industry help us in every project.The final target is always find an optimal solution that satisfies functionality mixed with good eye for materials use.